UPDATE: Miiverse Closing Shop In All Regions

By Robert Marrujo:: UPDATE:: Nintendo has confirmed that Miiverse will be shutting down across Wii U, 3DS, and PC as of November 7 at 10 PM PST in all regions. Here is the announcement in full:

"End of Miiverse Service Announcement

Hi everyone, it’s Tom at Nintendo. I have an important announcement: On November 7th, 10:00 pm Pacific Time, we will permanently close the Miiverse service.

We thank you very much for your amazing support. It has been a great privilege for me to serve as your Miiverse guide, and to see people who enjoy similar gaming experiences connect with empathy.

After the service ends:

• You will no longer be able to access Miiverse from the Wii U console, Nintendo 3DS family of systems or from an internet browser on PCs or smart devices. All Miiverse services will become unavailable, such as viewing or making posts, and messaging with friends. However, for a limited time, you will be able to make a request to download all the posts you’ve made up to the day of the closure.

• For Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games that support in-game Miiverse functionality, these features and services will no longer be available.

• Miiverse posts will no longer appear in the Wara Wara Plaza on Wii U.

Information on downloading your post history:

By making this request, you will be able to download your posts – plus any screenshots saved to your album – to your PC after the Miiverse service has ended.

To use this download service, you will need to have a Nintendo Account linked with your Nintendo Network ID, and must make the download request before the Miiverse service ends.

To find out more about this service or to make the download request, click on the 'Information on Downloading your Post History' button at the top of the Miiverse website.

For more information on the Miiverse closure and the games it will affect, please visit the support site by clicking on the blue globe icon or the url below to launch the internet browser.

From all of us at Nintendo, we sincerely thank you for supporting Miiverse all these years. We hope you’ll continue using Miiverse until the service ends."

Here's a link to the announcement itself. If more develops, we'll be sure to let you know!

ORIGINAL STORY:: Miiverse was supposed to be Nintendo's stab at a social network made for gamers, and for a time it arguably was. Offering the ability to share thoughts and art on feeds dedicated to individual games and series, Miiverse became home to some of the most unique communities of gamers in the industry. Sadly, the low numbers of Wii U systems sold meant that Miiverse's number of users was never all that high, and now the time has come for it to end.

As of November 7, 2017, Nintendo will be shuttering Miiverse. Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat will also be getting the axe on that date. In an official release on the company's Japanese website, Nintendo lists the games that will be impacted as well as what to expect once Miiverse has been shutdown. Here's New Super Mario Bros. U, for instance:

Nintendo hasn't announced if the closure of the service will be coming to other regions on the same day, or at all. We'll likely get official word soon and will update this story when it drops. Note that this impacts both Wii U and 3DS; Switch doesn't offer Miiverse. The full release can be read here, either in Japanese or a rough Google translation.

It's sad to see Miiverse go, mainly because it was so utterly unique. Fans made brilliant pieces of art using the GamePad touch screen that defied all expectations of the humble controller, not to mention how refreshing it was to see the personalities and thoughts of players be so directly connected to the games and their creators. Splatoon was a great example of this and it was nice to see the development team allow some of that creativity to live on via Splatoon 2's unique spin on Miiverse.

Still, it was undoubtedly a ton of work to curate all of that user-made content (or in simpler terms, sifting through posts looking for inappropriate crude drawings and language). With Switch it's clear that Nintendo has moved on in a different direction, so perhaps the time is right to shelve the fun experiment that was Miiverse. At the same time, however, Switch hasn't been around all that long and 3DS is still going strong, so it does rankle a bit that Nintendo isn't allowing users to enjoy it for at least a little longer.

On a more practical level, this move will also mean that a lot of Miiverse heavy games will lose some of their unique charm. Imagine Splatoon's hub without its posts, for example. It's also going to kill whole pieces of games, like the star system in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, or the ability to arrange tournaments in Super Smash Bros. Hopefully Nintendo can create workarounds for some of these situations.

Before we sign off, a quick word of warning: for those who have spent a great deal of time creating art in Miiverse, it would be wise to start exporting those images now versus later. Don't wait until the last moment or you might lose everything forever!

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