Metal Gear Survive Gets Release Date

Kept ya waiting, h—okay, that's played out, sorry.

By Robert Marrujo:: If the reality that Hideo Kojima is no longer creating Metal Gear Solid games hasn't quite sunk in, then let this release date for Metal Gear Survive sink in: the Kojima-less title will be dropping February 20, 2018. Here's the latest footage that was showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2016:

The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The announcement came via the official Metal Gear Twitter account. You can view the Tweet below:

Metal Gear Survive is a survival horror/stealth title, with players engaging in the sneaking mechanics that made Metal Gear Solid V a hit while incorporating zombies into the mix. Needless to say, fans aren't quite sure what to expect from the game, but we'll keep our minds open as we approach its release. Hit up the official website for even more details in the interim.

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