Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Season Pass Roster Confirmed

New challengers approaching!

By Robert Marrujo:: Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has gotten a fairly warm reception from fans and critics following its launch this past Tuesday, but there are issues that hold the game back, including its small roster size. In an effort to fix that problem Capcom has for sale a Season Pass for Infinite which will in part see new characters rolled out over time. Finally, that roster has been revealed to fans.

While it has been known that Sigma and Black Panther would be coming to the game, now we can confirm that Venom, Monster Hunter, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier will be part of the roster. They're slated to hit the game sometime this year. A previous leak had all but verified these characters would be arriving, but with this official announcement fans who might be on the fence due to a lack of fighters have a potential bright spot to look forward to.

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