Mario Party: The Top 100 Gets a New Trailer

Amiibo functionality and game modes outlined!

By Robert Marrujo:: Lest you've forgotten, we're here to remind you that Mario Party: The Top 100 will be dropping on Nintendo 3DS November 10. The "Top 100" being a reference to the hundred minigames that have been curated for the game from across the series' history on Nintendo's various home consoles. Nintendo has put together a new trailer that details all of the different Amiibo that work with the game, as well as what modes can be expected from the compilation title:

It's always nice to see Nintendo's toys-to-life figurines put to use. It's also nice to know that this latest Mario Party offers download play, meaning families or cool people who decide to give the game a buy only need to have one copy in tow in order for multiple folks to play. Not bad for a holiday shopper on a budget!

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