Linksys Looking to Up Your Router Game

By Robert Marrujo:: At Gamescom 2017 it was revealed that tech giant Linksys is set to unleash the WRT32X router upon the gaming world for what could be a monumental shakeup. The device was developed in collaboration with Rivet Networks, a company that specializes in "creating the best possible networking experience for users" via "a mix of hardware, software, and cloud based technologies." The WRT32X is unique in that by utilizing Rivet Networks' "Killer Networking Prioritization Engine" it can put the emphasis on gaming over anything else that your internet connection might be being used for. Like your roomie chuckling at cat videos, for instance.

This all sounds well and good, certainly, but the devil is in the details, as they say. First off, if you're gaming on a non-Killer-enabled PC, a console, or even a smart device, the WRT32X won't provide any performance difference. Secondly, the benefits of such a router setup might be nominal to someone whose internet isn't in constant demand from multiple other devices. Someone living in a household with numerous people watching movies, downloading content, and so on would likely find the WRT32X useful... but don't expect to make your roommates or family members very happy if they know that the Internet is being funneled into your livestream!

All kidding aside, there's definitely a chance that the WRT32X might prove a real boon to someone with heavy bandwidth-sharing issues, and so long as he or she has a PC that's tethered to the Killer Networking service, this could be a legitimate solution. Preorders are officially live for the router, which has an asking price of $300. If you're streaming under tight network conditions, the WRT32X could be the router you've been waiting for!

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