Limited Run Games Gets the Green Light From Nintendo

Physical copies of digital favorites coming to Switch in 2018.

By Robert Marrujo:: Nintendo Switch continues to be a destination console for a whole plethora of different titles, but starting in 2018 Limited Run Games will be offering players a new way of playing some of them. The publisher revealed via Twitter that it's been given the go-ahead by Nintendo to start bringing some of the digital gems on the eShop to physical form.

Limited Run Games, for the uninitiated, is exactly what it sounds like: a publisher that specializes in limited runs of physical copies of digital games. The selection on different consoles like PlayStation 4 has been pretty varied, from genuinely indie, small-time titles to larger ones like Firewatch. Limited Run Games will be focusing its initial efforts on Switch-exclusive games and slowly branching out from there.

Are you enthused about the potential prospect of getting cartridge versions of titles like Golf Story and FAST RMX? Let us know below and on social media!

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