L.A. Noire Coming to Switch, PS4, One, and HTC Vive

By Robert Marrujo:: In a surprise move, Rockstar Games announced today that cult classic L.A. Noire will be rereleased on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the HTC Vive VR headset on November 14. The reissue comes with a number of visual and mechanical upgrades and changes across all four platforms.

Nintendo Switch—Marking the first time a Rockstar game has been on a Nintendo console since 2009's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, L.A. Noire on Switch looks to utilize a number of the system's features in unique ways. The base campaign and all DLC packs will come with the game, along with Joy-Con motion controls and HD Rumble support. When played in handheld mode, the game will enable special touch controls, as well.

PS4/One—Like the Switch version, L.A. Noire on Microsoft and Sony's consoles will also come with the base game and all DLC, but unlike Switch there will be native 4K output for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X users (1080p for play on PS4 Slim and One S). The graphics and assets in the game will also be seeing an overhaul.

HTC Vive—Unlike any of the other three iterations of L.A. Noire, this version of the game will be offering a truncated experience tailored to suit VR. Dubbed L.A. Noire: The Case Files, fans can expect to tackle seven cases that have been pulled straight from the game and reworked for the new format.

It's exciting news, as L.A. Noire was very warmly received by critics when it was released back in 2011. The chance to experience a refreshed version of the game will surely entice many fans who might have never played the original before. We'll leave you with these words from Rockstar regarding the rerelease:

"We’re excited to bring L.A. Noire’s unique mix of real detective work, classic Hollywood atmosphere and thrilling action to these new platforms. Now with a choice of spectacular virtual reality, stunning 4K, or the freedom of portable play, these enhanced versions are a perfect opportunity for players to experience this richly detailed world in a whole new way."

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