Kevin Spacey Fired From House of Cards

The beleaguered actor has been removed from the show amidst sex abuse allegations.

By Robert Marrujo:: The House of Cards Season 6 roller coaster continues to veer dangerously close to flying off of the rails. It's been reported by Variety that star Kevin Spacey has now been officially fired from the show. Now, Netflix is reputedly looking to kill off Spacey's character Frank Underwood and have actress Robin Wright take over as lead on the show.


The heat has turned up on Spacey in the days since we reported that production on House of Cards had come to a halt following the allegations of sexual misconduct being hurled at the star by actor Jason Rapp. Between then and now multiple accounts have come from a whole host of different people accusing Spacey of sexual abuse, including a report from CNN alleging that the actor had made the set of House of Cards "toxic" due to his overbearing, predatory behavior.

Now, with Spacey dumped by his publicist and agency, Netflix has apparently seen no choice but to pull the plug on the star indefinitely. At this time, Netflix is unclear if it can legally pull House of Cards away from Spacey due to contractual obligations, but the streaming giant is intent on continuing the show in order to be fair to the 300 some odd actors and staffers who would unfairly be out of work if the series was suddenly ended. More as it develops.

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