Justice League Tracking to Open Below Suicide Squad

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By Robert Marrujo:: Poor DC just can't catch a break when it comes to its movies. Cartoons? Golden. Comics? Great. TV? Wonderful! Movies? Well, that's another story. With the exception of Wonder Woman, DC has had a hard time figuring out the magic formula to create a cinematic universe as beloved and successful as Marvel's.

That's not to say the company hasn't had any success on the silver screen, just that in recent times DC and Warner Bros. have struggled to create movies around the former's pantheon of characters that ring true to their comic counterparts. Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad were by no means failures at the box office, but they did polarize the fanbase and ultimately left many folks cold on the bleaker, darker spin of the DC movie universe. If early numbers tracking the upcoming opening weekend for Justice League are anything to go off of, despite the good will garnered by Wonder Woman, fans might still be feeling a bit jaded overall towards DC's cinematic offerings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justice League is being predicted to earn roughly $110 million dollars when it debuts. That would put the film below the opening weekend totals of both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad if that comes to be true. While it would put the movie ahead of Wonder Woman's opening gross, there's no guarantee of Justice League having that film's uncanny longevity at the box office. It's a troubling sign for the beleaguered project, which has had a multitude of issues surrounding it including rewrites, reshoots, and even a director change.

Still, let's be fair, though, and acknowledge that DC does appear to be putting in the work to get its film franchises straightened out. Wonder Woman was a massive tonal shift compared to the other movies that DC has put out over the past few years. It was arguably perfectly balanced between levity and seriousness, providing a truly satisfying experience that lured in packs of fans for months. From what's been seen of the movie in trailers, Justice League doesn't appear to be headed for the same narrative mistakes as Batman v. Superman. Hopefully it ends up being a solid movie and fans come to it as word of mouth spreads. We shall see.

Justice League opens on November 17.

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