Jools Watsham Gauging Interest in Chicken Wiggle: Re-Hatched Kickstarter

A revamped version of the 3DS platformer could come to Switch!

By Robert Marrujo:: Chicken Wiggle is an exceptionally fun 3DS 2D-platformer from Atooi, the other half of the now split-up developer that was once Renegade Kid. It's a bit like Bionic Commando but with jumping and no shooting. Chicken Wiggle also boasts delightful pixel graphics and a robust level editor mode with the ability to share creations online. In short, it's awesome!

Now, creator Jools Watsham, the head of Atooi, has posted on his Twitter page that he wants to bring the game to Nintendo Switch:

Again, we wholeheartedly recommend the original Chicken Wiggle (which you can still download!) and hope you'll consider giving Watsham's message a re-Tweet!

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