Jeopardy! Contestants Foiled by Pokémon Final Question

So much for being the very best there ever was...

By Robert Marrujo:: Jeopardy! is America's favorite quiz show, but for all its vaunted brainy categories the show still manages to squeeze in some fun pop culture questions here and there. For yesterday's final question, the theme was video games. Give it a watch below to see what happened:

In brief, the question asked which video game was modeled after its creator Satoshi Tejiri's desire to catch bugs in the wild. For video game fans the answer is obvious: Pokémon! For two of the three contestants, however? Apparently they've never tried to "catch 'em all." Only good, old Matt was able to muster up the right response, to the tune of $20,799! His competitors Amanda and Marcus, who were both ahead of Matt up to that point, had to settle for second and third, respectively.

And that, dear readers, is why it pays to game!

Special thanks to YouTuber Jairo Garcia for the footage.

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