Jean Grey Rises Once More

One of the founding members of the X-Men is coming back this winter.

By Robert Marrujo:: Fans of Marvel's X-Men comics might remember that back in 2003, writer Grant Morrison killed off founding team member Jean Grey in the hotly controversial X-Men #150. Killed by Magneto, Jean hasn't been amongst the living in over 14 years. Ironic, given her frequent association with the intergalactic force of life and death known as the Phoenix Force. Well, come this winter, Jean will be back above ground once more.

Starting December 27, Marvel will begin publishing Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey. The series is being helmed by writer Matthew Rosenberg, who is also being brought under the wing as a Marvel-exclusive creator. He'll be joined by a roster of top industry artists, starting with Leinil Yu for issue #1. The X-Men will be fully involved in the epic event, as events begin to unfurl that lead them to believe that Jean might not be as dead as they thought.

The return of Jean has been teased multiple times since her death in 2003, even as recently as part of Marvel's slate of Legacy-branded one-shots. What this means for the time-displaced teenage Jean Grey is anyone's guess, but Marvel is promising that the ramifications of the adult-Jean's return will be felt throughout the Marvel Universe. We'll keep you posted as we march closer to Jean's rebirth!

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