Inhumans’ Ratings Slump Even Lower

The Marvel TV show has been a train wreck from day one.

By Robert Marrujo:: What is it about Marvel's Inhumans that just isn't clicking with fans? Is it the bland writing, the terrible costumes and visual effects, or a mix of both? It's hard to say exactly, but one thing is clear: this is not the success that Marvel, Disney, and ABC were hoping it would be.

Yesterday, Deadline revealed that Inhumans had reached its lowest ratings yet this past Friday. The show dipped down to 2 million viewers, which is a veritable trifle compared to the over 8 million who tuned in to Hawaii Five-o on CBS. The season is only slated to be eight episodes long, but between the weak showing at IMAX theaters for the series' debut and these declining (and already low) viewership numbers, it's unlikely that Inhumans will be coming back to the silver screen for another year.

It's a shame, given the serious potential that the Inhumans franchise had coming in to the MCU. Hopefully Marvel will be able to find a way to make the characters viable in some other way. Perhaps a switch to either Netflix or Hulu could facilitate a more mature tone that the series can't reach on ABC? Regardless, for now Marvel and company will simply have to ride the wave to the end of this season and see where they stand.

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