IMAX Patrons Getting Special Star Wars: The Last Jedi Swag

Collectible poster and tickets for the win.

By Robert Marrujo:: After unleashing a very impressive second trailer into the wild, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is primed to be the movie event of the winter when it drops on December 15. For those seeing the movie in an IMAX theater, however, there's a little more to look forward to than an average viewing at a pedestrian cineplex. Check out the gallery below for a peek at one of the collectible tickets and poster moviegoers will be treated to:

As you can see, only the first ticket's design has been revealed. IMAX theaters will be giving away different designs for three weeks straight following the movie's debut. Between the poster and the tickets, is this enough to sway you to see The Last Jedi in an IMAX theater? Share with us in the comments and on social media!

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