Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie Coming This Winter

Time to answer some big questions that fans have had for years.

By Robert Marrujo:: Hey, Arnold! has been off the air since 2004. That finale episode, The Journal, ended with Arnold discovering a map to the whereabouts of his parents. Frustratingly, that's where Arnold's story came to a halt, with the implication that he'd finally be reunited with them, but fans never getting to actually see it happen. It seems that this will finally be rectified with the new film Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie.

There's not a heck of a lot of description offered, but here's what Nickelodeon has to say about the movie:

"Everyone's favorite Football Head is back! Join Arnold, Gerald, Helga, and the rest of the P.S. 118 gang on the field trip of a lifetime! Find out if Arnold will find his long-lost parents this Thanksgiving weekend on Nickelodeon!"

Hey, Arnold! The Jungle Movie debuts on Nickelodeon on November 24 at 7 PM PST.

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