Hasbro Explains Disappearance of Digital Transformers Games

They're absent on console, not mobile.

By Robert Marrujo:: Many fans have noticed that all of the different Transformers games published by Activision have disappeared from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 digital marketplaces. There's a reason for that, but until now no one has been privy to it. While it was fairly obvious the motivation behind the pull, Hasbro, the company that licenses Transformers and makes the actual toys, has finally come out and confirmed it.

So, why the goodbye? The license expired! Yeah... that's about it. Hasbro spilled the beans to IGN, but to repeat, it wasn't really anything out of left field. Still, it can be lame when companies aren't transparent with fans, and even though everyone suspected this was the reason those games disappeared, it's a nice little nod of respect. No word on if these games will ever have a shot of reappearing, but in the meantime anything that was ever released on a disc can at least still be played.

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