Halloween ComicFest 2017 Gets The Tick #1 Reprint


By Robert Marrujo:: Ben Edlund might be busy helming The Tick for Amazon Prime, but back in the late '80s he was drawing and writing the character in a comic book of the same name for publisher New England Comics. The Tick #1 debuted in 1988 and brought with it an uncanny wit and sense of irreverence. Edlund took the cliches and tropes of the superhero genre and flipped them upside down, telling the tale of a deranged, escaped mental patient and his overweight sidekick.

Nothing about The Tick was conventional and from that original comic book series all the way to today's take on the character on the small screen, fans have been drawn to the The Tick and his world in droves. Now, those who've never gotten to experience the original comic series will get a taste of it with a new reprint of The Tick #1 coming in time for Halloween ComicFest 2017. In full-color, no less!

Halloween ComicFest is run by Diamond Distributors and is similar to Free Comic Book Day (held the first Saturday in May every year). Halloween ComicFest is held around Halloween and also offers free comic books at participating retailers, with the main difference being that all of the titles on offer have a Halloween theme. This year's event takes place on October 28. Head here for full details and to find a shop near you!

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