Guns & Riders is the Latest Physical Game Boy Release

Another offering from CatSkull Electronics.

By Robert Marrujo:: CatSkull Electronics is making good on its promise to continue offering physical Game Boy games for purchase. Here's the official listing for Guns & Riders:




“Guns & Riders” is a fast-paced arcade style game for the Nintendo Gameboy. You’re the sheriff and the town has been overrun by outlaws! Take out as many as you can, but don’t let any slip past you or you’ll lose a life. Also, keep track of your ammo because you can only reload so fast!

The title is promised to sell and ship for $20 dollars if you're ordering in the US; note that the game does not come with a box or a manual, but it does come with a clear case like original Game Boy games used to be sold with. This is the second title from CatSkull, with Sheep It Up! being the first.

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