Granblue Fantasy Anime Getting a Sequel

Gran...two. Get it? Okay, shutting up now...

By Robert Marrujo:: It was revealed recently that mobile game-turned anime Granblue Fantasy The Animation will be getting a sequel. The new came during a celebratory event for Granblue that was held in Japan.

Details about the sequel are very much on down low, at the moment. The original Granblue Fantasy was about the exploits of a boy named Gran who lived amongst a smattering of floating sky islands. Whether or not the new series will focus on the original cast or go in a completely different direction is unknown.

Although the game wasn't released outside of Japan, the anime was localized by Aniplex of America in the US, so there's a shot that the project will be coming here. Are you a fan of Granblue Fantasy? Share your thoughts on the original and the sequel in the comments!

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