Gran Turismo Sport Can Be Played Offline

But there's a catch...

By Robert Marrujo:: Gran Turismo Sport is the latest installment in the venerable franchise and brings with it a bevy of changes and new features. One thing that's being heavily emphasized in the game is its new focus on online connectivity. That does raise a question for folks who aren't online or have limited online access, which is, can GT Sport be played offline?

The answer is yes, but it might leave a bitter taste in the mouth of fans when they find out the caveat that's attached. There's offline access to many of the different features offered by Sport's Arcade mode, like races, multiplayer, time trials, and so on, but the game won't save any of the progress that the player makes while playing without an Internet connection. So while GT Sport is technically playable offline, Sony's made it as inconvenient as possible to do so.

Why would that be? The answer seems to be because players can earn an actual FIA Gran Turismo Digital License when playing the game. The FIA governs Formula One racing on an international scale, meaning participating affiliates in multiple countries around the world can look at a player's GT Sport data in-game and grant him or her a real world FIA license if the organization so chooses. Thus, it would be a little suspect to hand something like that out to someone who might've been fiddling with statistics while playing offline.

Which is cool, but for those who just, you know, want to play their video game, it's pretty disappointing to have to be tethered to the web in order to gather data for a license the vast majority of players will likely never have any interest in getting. C'est la vie, dear readers. It's a cool feature nonetheless and really speaks to the level of authenticity that GT Sport is striving for, at least.

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