Get Sony Reward Points For PSN Trophies

Get some swag for your Platinums!

By Robert Marrujo:: Sony Reward Points allow members to earn points through a variety of different means and then put them towards purchases and discounts of a variety of different discounts and more when purchasing Sony products. It's a fairly robust program, offering points for everything from registering Sony Blu-ray discs to watching Sony movies in a theater. Now, PlayStation fans can get in on the action by linking their PlayStation Network accounts with the Sony Reward Program and begin to earn points for the Trophies that they earn in-game!

The point breakdowns are as follows;

  • Silver Trophies: 100 Trophies for 100 points.
  • Gold Trophies: 25 Trophies for 250 points.
  • Platinum Trophies: 10 Trophies for 1,000 points.

There are other ways to earn points which you can check out in the link above, including registering for PlayStation services and more. Will this entice you to join the program? Let us know in the comments and social media!

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