Gamers Throwing Shade at Destiny 2’s Shaders

By Robert Marrujo:: Destiny 2 is officially in the hands of the gaming public and one of the biggest annoyances at launch has been the stingy implementation of shaders. The items are a carryover from the original Destiny and are used to color the player avatar's armor. In Destiny 2, shaders have gotten an upgrade in that they can now be used to color individual pieces of armor rather than the entire set. That all sounds well and good, but there's a catch.

Now, once a shader has been used its gone for good. So if you color your cape a particular hue, know that if you want to change it to a different one that you'll have to track down the previous color all over again. Of course, you can always fork over real-world cash to resolve the issue, but that's at the core of players' complaints about the decision to make shaders into consumables this time around.

While it's still possible to find specific colors out in the field, the odds of discovering the exact shader that a player already depleted aren't that great. With the addition of microtransactions and the ability to simply select a shader and buy it through Destiny 2's marketplace, the need to hunt for shaders becomes moot, but that's cold comfort to the scores of fans that have taken to Reddit to cry foul about the seemingly greedy move. Indeed, the community on Reddit is so incensed that they've declared fans should not spend a single cent on any microtransactions in the game until the shader situation is rectified.

Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, has taken to Twitter since launch to seemingly defend the switch to consumable shaders. He notes in a barrage of tweets that there are numerous ways to gain shaders beyond buying them, so many that players will be "flush" with them. Whether that's true or not will be seen over the course of the next few weeks and months as players get deeper into the game, but in the interim fan indignation doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. We'll let you know if there are any further developments, but until then why not let us know on social media what you think of the change.

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