Galactic Assault Locations Teased by EA

Fans decoding to figure out which Star Wars Battlefront II stages are being teased.

By Robert Marrujo:: With EA's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II the company is bringing Galactic Assault to its stable of multiplayer offerings. Fans can engage in large-scale, team-focused combat across a variety of locales plucked from the movie universe. those locations are currently a mystery... one that EA is letting its fans take a crack at figuring out.

Via its Twitter page, EA posted a string of locations all coded in multiple question marks. The passages reveal some of the stages fans can expect to play and EA is challenging fans to figure out what they are. There are guesses aplenty, of course, such as Starkiller Base, but beyond that EA hasn't spilled the beans just yet. We'll update the list when we find out!

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