Episode 6 of The King of Fighters: Destiny 3D Anime Streaming Now

By Robert Marrujo:: Did you know that The King of Fighters has a new anime series? The King of Fighters: Destiny has been on YouTube and Steam since this past August. Episode 6 recently dropped and is free for all to view, along with all the other episodes released to date. The series is developed by the Chinese animation studio that helped work on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and is intended to lead into the release of an upcoming The King of Fighters MMO. Destiny is said to run somewhere between 20 and 24 episodes.

The series is streaming now on YouTube and Steam; you can check out the first episode above. Destiny follows the exploits of Kyo Kusanagi and his participation in the King of Fighters tournament. It's a fun series that fans of The King of Fighters might want to give a look. Share your thoughts with us about the show on social media!

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