Editor Nick Lowe Talks All Things Spectacular Spider-Man

The series is creeping towards its 300th issue!

By Robert Marrujo:: Spectacular Spider-Man is churning out some interesting stories these days. It's been years since any series but Amazing Spider-Man has featured the solo adventures of the friendly neighborhood web slinger. Thankfully, with the team of Chip Zdarsky and Adam Kubert on the revived comic, Spectacular Spider-Man is finally offering fans the secondary series that they've craved. Allowing writer Dan Slott to continue his years-long story line over in Amazing while also injecting some freshness into the character allows Marvel and its fans to have their cake and eat it, too.

Speaking with CBR, Spider-Man line editor Nick Lowe dished on what fans can expect from Spectacular moving forward. Zdarsky hit the ground running by reintroducing Teresa Parker, Peter's maybe-sister who was revealed in the graphic novel Family Business. Lowe promises that her role will be "[q]uite a big one," though didn't elaborate much beyond that. He did not that the status quo for Peter established in Amazing following Secret Empire will eventually be present in Spectacular, but that the series is moving at its own pace and that the two titles  "will continue to be very different, but very much about the same Spidey."

Finally, for you Kubert fans out there (this writer included), expect the artist to be on board up until issue #300 hits stands. Whether he'll remain after his is unknown at this point, but more Adam Kubert is always a good thing! Are you enjoying Spectacular Spider-Man? Tell us in the comments!

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