Dynasty Warriors 9 Gets Worldwide Release Window

It's bringing plenty of changes along with it.

By Robert Marrujo:: Changes, they are a comin' for Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series. The epic brawlers, where enormous waves of foes attack the player who must in term wipe them out with an assortment of powerful, sweeping attacks, have been a mainstay for years now, but the time has come for Dynasty Warriors to evolve. Despite a... shaky first impression that was made with a rocky demo, Dynasty Warriors 9 is on track for an early 2018 global release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

One of the biggest alterations comes in the form of the game's large open world. Players will be exploring China in DW9 and utilizing new Flow, Trigger, and Reactive Attacks via something called the State Combo system. It's a lot to take in; check out the trailer above to see some of the action! What do you think about the new direction for the series? Share with us on social media!

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