Dragon’s Crown Pro Heading Westward

In PS4 and PS4 Pro flavors!

By Robert Marrujo:: Rejoice brawlers, as Atlus is bringing Vanillaware's epic beat 'em up/RPG Dragon's Crown Pro to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro in the West. It has enhanced visuals, 4K (for Pro users), as well as a new orchestrated soundtrack. There's even an option for English and Japanese audio.

In a surprise and welcome move, Dragon's Crown Pro will offer crossover play with those who own the game on PlayStation 3 and Vita! Very, very cool to hear that those who have the original aren't being shutout. Further sweetening the deal, all of the patches and the Storyteller Voice Pack DLC will be in Pro. The game is set for Spring 2018 and will retail for $49.99 on PS4 and $64.99 on PS4 Pro.

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