Dragon’s Crown All But Confirmed For PS4

PlayStation 4 might be getting a Vanillware epic in the near future.

By Robert Marrujo:: Bodacious bods and hardcore brawling action are at the heart of developer Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown, a visually sumptuous and tough-as-nails brawler that called PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita home back in 2013. However, recent rumors are suggesting that the game is set to come to PlayStation 4.

Publisher Atlus's NicoNico livestream page apparently leaked the news, with a banner (see above) atop it that Kotaku alleges reads "PS4 Dragon's Crown Pro." Atlus is currently preparing for Tokyo Game Show (which runs September 21 through 24 in Japan), so if Dragon's Crown for PS4 is indeed a real thing we'll hopefully hear about it soon!

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