Dragon Ball Super Reveals a New Goku Form

Sayonara to Super Saiyan. Also, spoilers ahead!

By Robert Marrujo:: Goku is insanely powerful already, but it's time for him to apparently take things to the next level with an all new form to take on in battle. Meet Goku's Ultra Instinct form, below:

The basic gist of things is that Goku has cracked into his hidden potential in order to access the special ability. It allows him to react to virtually any attack without having to consciously react; thus it being called an "instinct" move. The user's body is also able to adapt throughout a battle to opponents and their attacks. Goku is able to use the ability for a while, but he ultimately loses control over it.

The transformation has been getting teased for weeks now. Goku becoming stronger and stronger is a huge hallmark of the series, with the revelation of the character being capable of going Super Saiyan and fighting Frieza one of the marquee moments in the franchise. Dragon Ball Super seems keen on rekindling some of that wonder from the series' days of yore. Episodes 109 and 110 of Dragon Ball Super unveiled this latest upgrade for Goku, so if you want to see it happen on-screen that's where you should start watching!

What this means for Goku in the long run is anyone's guess. Keep it tuned to Binx.News for more on Dragon Ball Super!

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