Disney is Making Theaters Pay Big Bucks and More to Screen The Last Jedi

The media giant has its hand around theater owner throats like a Vader Force grip...

By Robert Marrujo:: Gizmodo (via The Wall Street Journal) is reporting that theaters around the country looking forward to screening Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be forced to make unprecedented concessions in order to do so. For starters, the average revenue split of ticket sales between studio and theater is 55%, but for The Last Jedi Disney is demanding it receive 65%. Disney has also decreed that any theater showing the film must reserve its largest auditorium for screenings for a minimum of four weeks.

Violation of the terms will incur an additional 5% be added to Disney's haul of the revenue sharing, bringing the total up to 70%. It's pretty stunning to think that Disney is in a position to command such treatment, but it speaks to the power of the Star Wars brand that theaters are willing to kowtow to such a degree. Note, The Force Awakens had a pretty similar deal in place between Disney and theaters, with the only difference being a 64% take for the former and no penalties for being in violation of the agreement.

The Force Awakens opens on December 15.

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