Disney Allegedly in Talks to Purchase a Huge Chunk of Fox

A Marvel homecoming could be in the works!

By Robert Marrujo:: Okay folks, deep breaths: CNBC is reporting that Disney is in talks with Fox to purchase a massive portion of its business, including its film studios. Yes, that Disney, meaning by extension Marvel, meaning... the Fantastic Four and X-Men could be making their way into Marvel's shared cinematic universe. This writer's mind like the minds of many of you reading this is fit to explode at the potential of such a merger.

Here's what would be coming under Disney's umbrella if the deal comes to fruition:

  • 20th Century Fox: home of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and also James Cameron's Avatar franchise.
  • 20th Century Fox TV: home of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and more.
  • Fox networks like FX, National Geographic, etc.

Here's what will not be coming Disney's umbrella:

  • Fox Sports programming and networks.
  • Fox News and Business.
  • Fox local affiliates.
  • The Fox Broadcasting network.

This is some major, major stuff brewing and, if it comes to pass, will mean some extreme changes for Marvel's movie universe plans going forward. What are the odds they can get Hugh Jackman out of retirement as Wolverine if Marvel really can setup a Deadpool/Spider-Man/Avengers/X-Men cinematic masterpiece a few years down the road?

Yeah, we're hyped.

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