Disney Demanded Agents of SHIELD be Renewed by ABC

Tensions are allegedly rising over Marvel's TV shows.

By Robert Marrujo:: ABC is currently in the middle of something of a crisis. Ratings are down for the network for the second year running and it's in desperate need of a hit. According to Variety, one of the major headaches for ABC is coming from its parent company Disney, which allegedly demanded that Marvel Television show Agents of SHIELD be renewed for a fifth season.

Executives at ABC allegedly were keen on axing SHIELD at the end of its fourth season, but Disney brass stepped in to make sure that the drama survived for another season of programming. Still, ABC isn't intent on passively keeping SHIELD around; word is that the show will be debuting on Friday's following the conclusion of Inhumans' run.

Speaking of Inhumans, hopes aren't high at ABC for the Marvel property to become a hit. The show has been mercilessly lambasted since its initial footage was aired at this past year's San Diego Comic-Con. After a lukewarm debut in IMAX theaters around the country and continued bad press, Inhumans isn't anticipated to make much of an impact when it begins airing this Friday, September 28.

Marvel's television offerings have been in something of a shambles ever since the premier of Iron Fist on Netflix. That show's acting and writing were highly criticized and along with the lower than normal debut numbers for The Defenders coupled with the wreck that is Inhumans, the future of the MCU on TV isn't looking all that bright.

Well, except for maybe The Punisher. That's looking sick.

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