Detective Pikachu Finally Confirmed For the West

Release date, New 2DS XL, Amiibo, and more!

By Robert Marrujo:: It's been a long time coming, but Detective Pikachu is finally coming to the West. The announcement was made by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo:

Here's a fresh trailer:

In the game, players take control of a talking Pikachu who works as a gumshoe. He's been tasked with helping human Tim Goodman locate his missing father. Detective Pikachu is an adventure game that sees players interacting with a variety of Pokémon in order to solve the mystery of Goodman's dad's disappearance. This iteration of the game features everything in the Japanese original along with some new content and an Easy Mode.

When Detective Pikachu releases on March 23, it'll be joined with a new Detective Pikachu Amiibo. The figurine is larger than the toys usually are and it will be used in the game to unlock movies for players to watch all the movie clips in the game. Before the game hits, on January 26 fans can snag a Pikachu Edition New 2DS XL adorned with Pikachu's face (it's already available in Japan) that will sell for $159.99.

Don't forget there's also the Ryan Reynold's-starring adaptation of this game to look forward to next year, as well! Will you be checking any of this Detective Pikachu goodness? Share with us in the comments!


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