Destiny 2 Will Reward Destiny Veterans With “Something”

By Robert Marrujo:: Destiny has been a polarizing game since its debut back in 2014. Developed by Bungie, the studio responsible for the beloved Halo series, Destiny was intended to be the next big "it" franchise of the video game landscape. It never quite reached the level of phenomenon that the studio was hoping for, but it has garnered a very faithful following. Flash forward to 2017 and we're right on the precipice of Destiny 2's impending September 6 launch day, with the hype meter firmly locked in at an eleven, once more.

Speaking in a special WIRED video, Destiny 2 design director Luke Smith dished on the upcoming sequel and what fans can expect from the new game. Perhaps most interestingly, he gave a cryptic hint that players of the original Destiny can look forward to "something" when they boot up Destiny 2. As for what that "something" actually is? Well, your guess is as good as ours! The only real nugget to be mined was Smith's note that those who had played the first Destiny "will enter the world a little differently." The plot doth thicken, dear readers!

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