Deadpool 2 Release Date Pushed Up

Other X-Men films from Fox also getting moved around the schedule.

By Robert Marrujo:: The Fox/Disney deal might still be pending, but that hasn't stopped the former from tinkering with its slate of X-Men-related films. The good news for fans is that Deadpool 2 will be hitting theaters sooner than originally planned, as it will now drop on May 18, rather than June 1. Now for the bad news.

The New Mutants, originally set for an April 13 release, has now been pushed back to February 22, 2019. Yikes. Gambit, which had its third director drop out of the project, is also going to be a ways away with a new June 7, 2019 release; it was initially going to land on Valentine's Day of the same year. Fox has stated to The Hollywood Reporter that the moves come in order to keep the movies from competing with one another internationally.

In related news, Fox is also apparently smitten with fan-reaction to The New Mutants, but hopes to amplify its horror elements in order to really put some fear into the crowd once the movie finally arrives in theaters. Are you happy with this shift? Sad? Indifferent? Share with us below and on social media!

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