de Blob Hitting PS4

The classic is coming to the system next month.

By Robert Marrujo:: de Blob was one of the stronger titles on Wii, offering delightful platforming action where players had to color in the environment to bring it back to life. Well, the title has a new lease life as it will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC next month. de Blob lands on November 14. Check out this new trailer:

While it's exciting to see de Blob coming to modern platforms, THQ Nordic is being oddly vague about it. For one thing, there look to be some performance issues with the game in the video that's been provided, and for another it's unclear how the game will be controlled. The original required Wii's motion controls; considering the systems this rerelease is hitting (which we've pieced together based on the various press releases/announcements—we'll update and correct as necessary), odds are it's been reworked for a normal controller, but it'd still be nice to get some specifics.

Regardless, de Blob was a darn good game and we're looking forward to playing it again.

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