DC Unveils New Design For Variant Covers

The emphasis is now squarely on the art!

By Robert Marrujo:: Variant covers experienced a resurgence over the years, going from a time when the industry practically shunned them to now fully embracing multiple covers for a single title on a monthly basis. One of the biggest draws of these covers is when they feature entirely new art, especially by some of the most legendary artists in the industry. Considering how spectacular many of these covers can be, it's surprising that it's taken so long for a publisher to make the move to highlight the art over the trade dressing, but that's exactly what DC is planning to do.

According to Comics Beat, DC is set to debut a new, streamlined version of its cover designs in order to put the focus squarely on the art of its variant comics. Here's an example of the new look, featuring John Romita, Jr.'s upcoming variant for Nightwing:

As can be seen above, the trade dress features a much, much smaller barcode, no title logo, and a very tiny listing of the creators. The new design will be rolling out soon!

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