DC Unveils Doomsday Clock Trailer

The event has been building for almost two years now!

By Robert Marrujo:: When Geoff Johns puts pen to paper (or more likely fingers to keyboard), the end result is usually a batch of some must-read comics. Fans are hoping for another Johns gem when his upcoming upcoming series Doomsday Clock drops on November 22. Though the series' launch is still almost two months away, DC is building up the hype with a new trailer. Check it out below:

The series is being billed as a showdown between Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen fame and the DC Universe's own Superman. It's a battle that will have been a couple of years in the making following the very popular DC Rebirth #1, which realigned DC's books to mesh elements from the publisher's pre and post-52 universes' respective timelines. Exactly what state the DCU will be in following Doomsday Clock is anyone's guess, but with Johns at the helm (and Gary Frank on art duties), hopes are high that DC will remain on its current hot streak.

Note that some comic book shops will be hosting special 11;57 PM launch parties on November 21. 11:57 being the time depicted on the famous Watchmen clock! Will you be attending and picking up a copy of Doomsday Clock #1? Share with us in the comments!

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