DC Snags Brian Michael Bendis

A major shift in the comic book landscape!

By Robert Marrujo:: In a stunning surprise announcement, longtime Marvel Comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis has signed a new, exclusive agreement to write for rival DC Comics. The move is reputed to be multiyear and multifaceted, though no real details beyond that were given, including which title(s) Bendis might takeover. Here's the announcement Tweet from DC:

Bendis has been entrenched at Marvel since the early 2000s and has been responsible for a variety of high profile projects for the publisher. His biggest legacy with Marvel is arguably his run on The Avengers, which he famously "disassembled" and reformed with popular characters Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and others, turning the franchise into the marquee series for the company. It's unknown when Bendis' run at Marvel will conclude, which commitments he'll finish out (like the previously announced Punisher End of Days series), and what will become of the independent comics that the writer has been publishing through Marvel's Icon imprint.

It's truly a monumental change and one that many fans will be anxious to get more information about. Keep it tuned to Binx.News for the latest on this story as it develops. We'll leave you with Bendis' Tweet about the deal:

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