Comrades Expansion Release Date For Final Fantasy XV

Right in time for Halloween!

By Robert Marrujo:: Final Fantasy XV has done a lot to reclaim much of the luster that the series has lost in recent times. This is owed in no small part to the continued releases of DLC that have taken what was already a great game and make it even better. Yet another pack is due on October 31 in the form of the Comrades multiplayer expansion.

Comrades looks to offer players the ability to customize their own avatar character and then join with up to three others to take on a bevy of online quests. Special Lucian powers are granted when royal sigils are equipped. Optimizing these abilities and your team is key to successfully winning challenges.

There are chances to play single-player, as well, with missions where you can ramp up your created character's stats. Noctis's buddies Prompto, Gladiolous, and Ignis will be added to the playable roster as time rolls by. Don't forget, for online play you'll have to be a paid PlayStation Network or Xbox Live subscriber.

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