Comcast Makes Its Bid For Fox Public

It's one media giant versus another in the quest for some valuable Marvel property!

By Robert Marrujo:: It's been rumored for awhile now that Comcast was looking to take down the Disney/Fox deal, but now it's official. In a press release, Comcast, which is the parent company of NBC and Universal, revealed that it is indeed preparing an all-cash bid that is anticipated to outstrip what Disney has put together. Comcast notes that nothing has been finalized, but it is an intriguing eleventh hour move, to say the least.

As many in the comic book and movie fan communities know, Fox has quite a few pivotal Marvel franchises under its belt, including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool. If the Comcast bid allows the company to swoop on Disney's potential coup, dreams of seeing Marvel's movie universe truly coalesce on the big screen could be scuttled. It's unclear if Comcast's bid would sway Fox at this juncture, but we'll continue to update as we find out more.

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