CES 2018: Retro Bit Releasing a Slew of SEGA Controllers

Retro enthusiasts take note!

By Robert Marrujo:: We reported not that long ago that a deal between Retro Bit and SEGA had been struck. The arrangement was a bit vague, not saying much about what fans can expect to come from the duo in the months ahead. Thankfully, at the Consumer Electronics Show Retro Bit peeled back the curtain on some fabulous new/old controllers!

The pads are recreations of those found on SEGA Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast. They look incredibly faithful to the originals, from the coloring down to their shape and button configuration. While that's cool for old school gamers who need new ones for their classic consoles, Retro Bit hasn't forgotten those with contemporary tastes.

The controllers come in three variations: ones with legacy connector plugs, ones with USB connectors for PC play, and ones with Bluetooth functionality. That latter setup is fascinating because Retro Bit is saying that adapters for Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast are on the way along with the pads themselves, meaning players will be able to experience quality wireless control on their original systems. In short, this is amazing and we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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