CES 2018: Hyperkin Announces the Ultra Game Boy

Doing what Ninten-don't!

By Robert Marrujo:: Anyone who grew up from the late '80s all the way into the late '90s knows the joys of Nintendo's lineup of Game Boys. From the hulking gray original to the sleek, chromatic screens of the Game Boy Color, the handhelds are easily among some of the greatest gaming devices ever made. While we await the (hopefully) impending arrival of a Game Boy Classic of some kind from Nintendo, Hyperkin has stepped in with its own delightful take on the hardware.

The Ultra Game Boy (also being referred to as the Project Ultra GB) is ostensibly a modern version of a Game Boy Pocket. Slightly heavier than that console, the Ultra boasts a lit screen, rechargeable battery, and the ability to play original Game Boy games. While that alone would be great, Hyperkin has plans to make its legacy Game Boy even better by the time it launches late this year.

For starters, the company wants to include a dial that will allow players to scroll through different color variations on the screen, akin to what Game Boy Colors could do on their startup screens. There are also plans to include stereo speakers, charging via USB-C connection, and an SD card slot. The SD card would be used to export music made from an on board chiptune-maker program (Hyperkin says its working with Little Sound DJ on this part).

In short, just freaking wow. As if all that wasn't enough, Hyperkin also plans to sell the thing for under $100. This year is off to a fantastic start!

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