Bruce Banner Might Return in Avengers: No Surrender

The new trailer is dropping hints...

By Robert Marrujo:: The upcoming Avengers storyline No Surender is getting some serious hype built for it in the form of a new teaser trailer. While interesting in its own right, boasting fantastic artwork and interviews with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Editor Tom Brevoort, it's what comes at the end that might be most fascinating. Give it a watch:

That last bit is fairly unambiguous, showing a green heartbeat indicator atop a zoomed shot of the Hulk's face. Banner was killed back in Civil War II by Hawkeye, who was acting to ensure that the scientist didn't Hulk-out and cause major devastation.

The trailer is a bit spoilery if it is indeed confirming a Hulk resurrection, but it ultimately raises a lot more questions than provides any concrete answers. How Banner is back, what it means for Amadeus Cho, and more will all, hopefully, be answered or start to be answered over the course of the event. Avengers: No Surrender kicks off in January of 2018 and will run weekly across all of the different Avengers series until April.

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