Bring Your Switch and Get Exclusive Pins From Nintendo at E3

By Robert Marrujo:: Since E3 opened to the public for the first time last year, fans are slowly learning the ins and outs of the fabled convention. One of the funnest elements of the show is the copious amounts of swag that can often be obtained. Publishers love to dole out a variety of different tchotchkes emblazoned with their company logos, mascots, and more.

Nintendo is no exception and often its wares are amongst some of the coolest and most sought after at a given E3. That looks to be the case this year, as the company will be handing out exclusive pins for those in attendance on the show floor at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Check it out:

What these pins are is currently unknown, but considering Super Smash Bros. on Switch is going to be a major focus of the company's plans at E3 2018, odds are good that this game will on some way figure in (presumably). Will you be going to E3 this year, Switch in-hand, hoping to get a pin? Share with us in the comments and on social media!

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