Bridging Rogue One and Movie Continuity in Star Wars #38

We're going going, back back, to Jedha Jedha.

**Some Spoilers Below!**

By Robert Marrujo:: Marvel's Star Wars comic continues to be an excellent monthly excursion into that galaxy far, far away, maintaining the tone and feel of the classic films while exploring new ground. The amount of time between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi has proven to be the perfect setting upon which to craft storylines that further expand and flesh out the Star Wars universe. One corner of that world which could stand some more insight is the planet of Jedha, the setting of the movie Rogue One's deadly theft of the plans for the Death Star.

With Star Wars #38, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca are launching into the time after the fall of Jedha, a period where the planet has a smoldering hunk of its mass torn from it and the Empire is busy trying to mine what's left for precious kyber crystals. Luke and company are intent on making sure that the Empire doesn't succeed with its plans. It's an interesting development to see a new part of the Star Wars mythos being fully integrated into the overarching narrative of the series. We'll continue to examine where the team of Gillen and Larroca take the Star Wars comic in the coming months.

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