Blizzard Opening eSports Venue in California

By Robert Marrujo:: We previously reported that Oakland eSports Arena will be opening in the Jack London Square area of town sometime in late 2017 or early 2018, but Blizzard has come along to introduce yet another venue in the state. The California city of Burbank is now home to Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, a cutting edge esports facility right in the heart of SoCal. The venue is reputed to have been "built with amenities to accommodate top esports competitors and their fans."

October 7-8 is set to be the grand opening of Blizzard Arena, which will be held in conjunction with the Overwatch Contenders Playoffs. It's the start of a full slate of various events and competitions that will be hosted at the new facility. The opening of Burbank Arena is a bold move for Blizzard, but not altogether wholly surprising given how aggressive the company has been about expanding esports.

The facility is made to host multiple broadcasts and events at the same time, and there will also be a dedicated Blizzard gear store with goods tailored to the specific activities happening during a given engagement. With new digs like this and the impending Overwatch League, Blizzard has been making huge strides in legitimizing esports and professional video game players.

With this and the Oakland arena, players all across the state will soon have a number of different venues to go to in order to showcase their skills and begin to try making a living as professional gamers. Hopefully as these arenas continue to be built, esports as whole will further grow and expand in different directions. We'll continue to monitor the growth of all things esports right here on Binx.News.

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