Blizzard Getting Big Upgrades

The service has had a host of new features added.

By Robert Marrujo:: Technology is supposed to make life a little easier for people, so it makes sense that Blizzard would want its service to be as accommodating of users as possible. In an announcement on the webite, Blizzard declared that a whole battery of new features and upgrades have come to make players' experiences all the better. Here's a rundown of what to expect:

  • Social Tab: Chat one-on-one with friends, both on and offline. There's also now a history of your conversations. Use the Social Tab to connect to Blizzard Groups.
  • Blizzard Groups: Hosts chats and facilitates player-to-player gifting. Multiple text and voice chat channels, as well as administrative tools to manage it all.
  • Player Gifting: In-game items can be sent peer-to-peer. Things like Hearthstone card packs and Overwatch Loot Boxes are supported; the Shop Tab displays all giftable content.
  • Profiles and Avatars: Customizable avatars are now available, though limited to 100 options set by Blizzard. A profile can now be established with information about you, as well as links to your social media feeds. Note, profiles can be kept private.
  • Appear Offline: For those times when you want to logon to but not interact with any of your online pals.

Hit up the link above for more specifics! The update is available now.

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