Binx Reviews Are Coming is growing! We're adding reviews of games to our slate of content for you to enjoy, but we want to make sure that it's clear to all how we'll be grading the latest titles. Please check out the criteria below and shoot us any questions via Twitter and Facebook!

Scoring Criteria

Binx will be scoring games on a scale from 0.00 to 10.00. Here's the breakdown:

10: Perfection. A game that is fun/engaging with virtually no or the tiniest of flaws.

9—9.9: Excellent. A game that is fun/engaging from start to finish with minimal flaws.

8—8.9: Great. A fun/engaging game with flaws, but still very much worth playing.

7—7.9: Good. A game that's fun/engaging overall but has a healthy amount of flaws holding it back.

6—6.9: Average. A game that's fun/engaging inconsistently, but flaws make it hard to play.

5—5.9: Weak. A game that's moderately fun/engaging at times. Heavy flaws detract greatly from the experience.

4—4.9: Poor. A game that isn't fun/engaging and is very hard to play due to flaws and/or bad design.

3—3.9: Bad. A game that has major flaws throughout that hamper playability. Not fun or engaging.

2—2.9: Terrible. A game that can barely be played.

1—1.9: Travesty. Not fun, uninteresting, ridiculously flawed.

0—0.9: Unplayable. A game in name only.

Binx is regularly provided with copies of games from publishers for review purposes, but this in no way impacts our recommendations. We keep it honest, always!

We'll be going live with our first review this Friday, 08/25, at 5 AM PST. Be sure to keep it tuned to for all of the latest on video games news, reviews, and more!

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