Binx.News—Getting Back in the Groove

Hey everyone, it's your Editor-in-Chief Robert Marrujo and I'm checking in to say hi and let you know what's new with Binx.News. We're going to be continuing to offer the same great content that we have in the past, including reviews, news, thoughts on the industry, and more, but with some changes. For starters, the Binx community is founded on streaming and we want that to be a bigger part of our focus here moving forward.

To that end, you can look forward to more coverage on things that will help support the Binx streaming community. We're also looking to start reaching out into the community for more face-to-face interactions, including meet ups and other sorts of gatherings. We'll be drawing your attention to these events as they happen on the website (make sure to keep an eye on the calendar!) as well as on our social channels. Remember, Binx is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Beyond all that, we'll also sneak stuff in about all the comics, movies, manga, books, collectibles, and more that we all love. Variety's the spice of life, right? Well, Binx is all about providing flavor! Keep it tuned here, folks, because Binx.News is only going to keep getting better.

-Robert Marrujo, the EiC

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